Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders - .WilliamJames 1.(WHO,2004 2.

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NOTE FOR THIS CHAPTER- WATCH “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” Psychological Disorders To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal. – William James 1. There are 450 million people suffering from psychological disorders (WHO, 2004) 2. Depression and schizophrenia exist in all cultures of the world. Psychological disorders - persistenly harmful thoughts, feelings, and actions Deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional behaviors are labeled as disordered (Comer, 2004) 1. Deviant behavior (going naked) in one culture may be considered normal, while in others it may lead to arrest 2. Deviant behavior must accompany distress 3. If a behavior is dysfunctional it is clearly a disorder Understanding Psychological Disorders Ancient Treatments - trephination (boring holes in the skull to remove evil forces), exorcism, being caged like animals, being beaten, burned, castrated, mutilated, or transfused with animal’s blood. Medical Perspective
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Psychological Disorders - .WilliamJames 1.(WHO,2004 2.

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