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ARS Ch 10 Arch - Unit 2 : Medium and Technique V....

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Unit 2 : Medium and Technique V. Architecture Lecture As with drawing and painting, the line between sculpture and architecture is often blurred. Both are three dimensional creations that interact with their environment. Architecture, however, usually has a functional aspect to it. According to Lois Fichner-Rathus, architecture is “the art and science of designing buildings, bridges, and other structures to help us meet our personal and communal needs.” (216) The plan and form a building takes depends upon: --its intended function --the service systems it must have (plumbing, air conditioning, heating, elevators, etc.) --available technology and materials --aesthetic considerations --the environment in which it is created For example, the Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde (Fig. 10-1), built as living quarters and community centers, include multi-story modular units for families as well as passageways and centralized areas for gathering, food storage, and ceremonies. The structure is backed up against the natural form of the cliff for protection and support. Made of local stone, earth formed into adobe bricks, and wood, the architecture melds with the landscape. Other buildings, such as the Parthenon in Athens, Greece (Fig. 13-9), fulfill very different needs. Constructed as a temple to Athena, the protector of Athens, the Parthenon’s interior is just large enough to accommodate a colossal sculpture of the goddess, a few visiting priests and a small storage area. The façade, once painted with bright colors and decorated
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ARS Ch 10 Arch - Unit 2 : Medium and Technique V....

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