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I believe the popularization of art through various modes of popular culture has been a positive influence on culture because it has made art available to the masses instead of restricting it for the elite, it has expanded the technologies available for creating art, and it has helped make art a part of everyday life in society. A prime example of how cultural venues such as billboards, advertising, and performance art popularized art and promoted social change was with the work of The Guerilla Girls.
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Unformatted text preview: By putting art in such public places, many different classes/ages of people were able to identify art in their lives and they began to express interest in art! Another great example is the work of art by Warhol called Campbell Soup Cans . He over-repeated the consumer product (soup cans) and was able to help people relate to art and understand its message more easily and directly. In this work of art, he brought the ideas of the mass-media explosion of post World War II consumer society into light....
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