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Quiz Review - JennessaPayne GRA111 ID1001332432 QuizReview#1

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Jennessa Payne GRA 111 ID 1001332432 Quiz Review #1 Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 1. It’s said that prehistoric cave paintings were not fine art- why is that? Cave paintings were not fine art, but were considered as forms of visual communication. 2. What are pictographs? What about petroglyphs? Pictographs are elementary pictures and sketches to represent the things depicted. Petroglyphs were drawings or carvings in rock. 3. What are ideographs? Ideographs are symbols used to represent ideas or concepts. 4. The Fertile Crescent was conquered repeatedly. Why was this area so valuable? How does this relate to early writing? The Fertile Crescent was so valuable because there was great value in the land. As a result, the area’s culture was spread far and wide (including writing). 5. Why did priests and scribes wield so much power in Mesopotamia? Priests and scribes wielded so much power in Mesopotamia because religion dominated life and they were the only people in the community that could write. The ability to write was powerful because it set down laws, taxes, and harvest information. 6. What was cuneiform? Cuneiform was wedge shaped strokes created with a triangle-tipped stylus to create speed and clarity in writing. 7. What is rebus writing? Rebus writing is using existing symbols, such as pictograms, purely for their sounds regardless of their meaning, to represent new words, 8. Mesopotamian visual identity was related to two “by-products” of the rise of the visual culture. What are these two by-products? Ownership of property and specialization of trades and crafts helped the rise of visual culture in Mesopotamia. 9. How were Egyptian hieroglyphics finally deciphered? Egyptian hieroglyphics were deciphered via the Rosetta Stone; the key to its interpretation was that it included three languages interpreting one message. 10. What is papyrus? How is it made?
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Papyrus is an early form of thick paper-like material made from the stems and flowers of plants that were abundant along the Nile. 11. Who were the first to combine words and pictures to communicate information? How were these first illustrated manuscripts used? The first to combine words and pictures to communicate information were Egyptians. These first illustrated manuscripts were used for the Book of the Dead and funeral scrolls (including myths and legends that related to the afterlife). 12.
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Quiz Review - JennessaPayne GRA111 ID1001332432 QuizReview#1

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