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Quiz_Review_5 - JennessaPayne GRA111 Graphic Design History...

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Jennessa Payne GRA111 Graphic Design History I Fall 2007 1. This is an example of- A pictograph 6. This is called a- Carpet Page 2. This is a- Cylinder Seal 7. This is an example of- Celtic Book design 3. This is the- Rosetta Stone 4. This is an example of- Rebus Writing 5. This is an example of- Hieroglyphics • 1 •
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Jennessa Payne 8. Prehistoric cave paintings were- the earliest visual communications design. 9. An alphabet is- A set of visual symbols or characters used to represent the elementary sounds of a spoken language 10. An Ideogram is- A graphic character or sign that represents an entire idea or concept 11. In a book’s colophon, we might find- The printer, scribe, etc. 12. According to Meggs, there are two theories behind the origins of Roman serifs. Which of these is ONE of these theories? Serifs are the “cleanup” strokes of the stonemasons 13. The Phoenician alphabet was extremely influential because of these two major factors- Geography and commerce 14. Why does Meggs argue that the Medieval period should not be called the “Dark Ages”? There was actually lots of vibrant color used in graphic design from this period 15. The image to the left is an example of- Expressionism 16. Movable type did not catch on in China because- The vast number of characters made it impractical 17. We say that alphabets are democratic writing systems because they- Make writing and reading more accessible to everybody 18. For the past three weeks, we’ve talked repeatedly about the link between religion and early writings. This connection is due to the fact that- Early writing was time-consuming and expensive — therefore, it was used primarily for religious texts 19. If we can say that the World Wide Web has destabilized power structures, and increased access to information, then it might be compared to- The Rosetta Stone 20. This is a- printing press 23. This image illustrates the relationship between
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