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DSC 101 TEST REVIEW IAN.R.MOORE@hotmail.com- DSC 101 review paper 2 Quotes on test Adolf Loos pg 18 of green book- ornamentation was a waste of capital Schumaker -estrangement between the accomplishing and inventing spirit, industry and the artist are seperate De Stijl - protomodernist movement, originally in magazines Eileen Ray- first woman designer that stands out in history Gerrit Rietveld - Red and Blue chair (image recognition) Werkbund - pre Bauhaus Peter Berrens was the head of it and became the corporate designer for AEG (designed all of the companys products) Bauhaus- Marcel Brauer, started the traditional way that design is taught. Combined academy and studio. KNOW THREE FOUNDERS Marianne Brandt - female designer for the Bauhaus, basic homes and interior designs Le Corbusier - image recognition: stainless steel chair and black leather chair? Modernism - no nonsense, logic Scandinavian (cultural history, weren’t in ww2 so they got into design) Denmark- Jacobsen Sweden- incorporated design for disabled and safety. IKEA: break down and sell things, efficient shipping, easy to assemble
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jacques review - DSC101TESTREVIEW...

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