LEXICON - Q2 AestheticsArea of study in philosophy,...

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Q2 Aesthetics- Area of study in philosophy, Concerned with the appreciation of beauty or good taste, Aesthetics deals with issues other than visual ones, Design is concerned principally with visual aesthetics Classic- Stylistic term, Return to known classical architectural and design forms, Designs that have stood the test of time, Often associated with good taste Q3 Bauhaus- German educational Institution, 1919-1933, Melding of an academy and a school of arts and crafts, Became the foundation of modernist design education, Eventually closed for political reasons Peter Behrens- German architect and designer, 1869-1940, Educated as a painter, Joined the artists colony in Darmstadt, Became first corporate designer with AEG Marianne Brandt- German designer, 1893-1983, Studied painting and taught at the Bauhaus, Designed objects using simple geometric forms Marcel Breuer- German architect and designer, 1902-1981, Teacher at the Bauhaus, Designed furniture, interiors and buildings, Innovator in metal-tube furniture De Stijl- Artistic period, 1917-1931, Centered in The Netherlands, Minimalist approach to form and color, Mondrian and Rietveld were among its leaders Deutscher Werkbund- German design association, 1907-present, Coalition of architects, designers, politicians and manufacturers, Use of design in industry, Concept originated with Henry Cole Eileen Gray- Irish designer, 1879-1976, Began with an interest in Japanese lacquer, Affiliation with De Stijl, Became known for interior design and architecture Walter Gropius- German architect, 1883-1969, Worked for Behrens, First leader of the Bauhaus, Introduced first aspects of Modernism in design and architecture Le Corbusier- Swiss-born architect, 1887-1965, Leader of Modernism in architecture and furniture, Innovator in architectural thought (Purism), Some of his furniture is still in production ( Cassina ) Ludwig Mies van der Rohe- German architect and designer, 1886-1969, Early
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exponent of Modernism, Director of the Bauhaus, “Less is more.” Charlotte Perriand- Interior designer, 1903-1999, Worked with Le Corbusier, Collaborated with him in furniture design, Spent some time in Japan Gerrit Rietveld- Dutch architect and designer, 1888-1964, A proponent of De Stijl, Developed the minimalist style into 3-D Wilhelm Wagenfeld- German designer, 1900-1990, Student at the Bauhaus, Explored design of glass, Member of the Deutscher Werkbund Alvar Aaolto- Finnish architect, 1898-1976, Proponent of
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LEXICON - Q2 AestheticsArea of study in philosophy,...

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