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Jennessa Payne Designing Life MIDTERM REVIEW 1) Talents vs. Skills Talent- a sacred trust, something you enjoy doing, thinking about, learning about it, as a process. You cannot imitate talent. It has an inner connection of energy. Low expectations do not help talent, while high self-esteem boosts talent. (to marshall your talents you need to know your purpose) Skill- Somebody elses doing that you have learned. (a talent is your own unique contribution to whatever that is) ACT- Attitude, Creativity, and Talent 2) The Heroes Journey Stages: 1) Ordinary World (lasts till puberty, where we are taken care of) 2) Refusal of the Call 3) Meeting a Mentor who Acknowledges (important task of young adulthood, says, “go for it, find out who you are”) 4) Crossing the First Threshold 5) Road of Trials (tension develops when you get to the level of your mentor) 6) Supreme Ordeal/Crisis (challenges you almost beyond your capabilities) 7) Ultimate Boon (success and become master) 8) Refusal of the Return 9) Crossing the Return Threshold 10) Master of Two Worlds Adult Development Stages 1) Novice Phase- early adulthood, lasts about 15 yrs (17-33). a. 4 MAJOR TASKS of this stage i. forming a dream and giving it a place in the life structure ii. forming a mentor relationship iii. forming an occupation iv. forming love relationships, marriage/family 2) The Early Adult Transition: Moving from Pre to Early Adulthood a. Task 1: Start moving out of the pre-adult world, to question the nature of that world and ones place in it, to modify or terminate existing relationships with important persons, various types of separations and endings and transformations must be made as one completes an entire season b. Task 2: Make preliminary step into the adult world, explore possibilities, consolidate, an initial adult identity, test choices for adult living, transition ends when she gets beyond the boundary and begins to create a life in the adult world 3) The First Adult Life Structure: Entering the Adult World a. Task 1: Keep options open, avoid strong commitments, maximize the
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alternatives b. Task 2: Create a stable life structure: become more responsible. “Make something out of my life”
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Designing Life Review - JennessaPayne DesigningLife...

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