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Antigen presenting cells fragments of processed

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Unformatted text preview: f antibodies against antigen Lymphocytes Located in tissues (lymphoid tissues) where they are more likely to be exposed to antigens Examples: tonsils, lymph nodes, spleen T and B types B cells when activated (plasma cells) make antibodies against antigens T cells Cytotoxic directly kill virus-infected cells Helper secretes cytokines that "help" to enhance the immune response (example stimulates B lymphocytes to become antibody producing plasma cells) Reference for Leukocytes in textbook: Chapter 24 - pages 782-784 Platelets Cell fragments from megakaryocytes No nucleus Granules Clotting proteins Cytokines Circulate in inactive form Coagulation blood clotting Figure 16-9a Figure 16-9b Hematopoiesis Production and development of blood cells All derived from one precursor cell Pluripotent hematopoietic stem cell Location: red bone marrow Age-dependent Adults: bones of the hip, vertebrae, ribs, cranium, epiphyses of long bones (humerus, femur) Figure 16-2 - Overview (1 of 3) Table 16-2 Erythrocyte Production Erythropoiesis Hypoxia (low oxygen levels in tissues) stimulates synthesis of erythropoietin (hormone made in the kidneys) More erythrocytes will increase the amount of oxygen that can be c...
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