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Session Competencies Overview of advancements in the Overview of advancements in the hotel information system hotel information system  field .   field .  ©  Michael Kasavana Introduction to the  Introduction to the  hotel guest  hotel guest  cycle cycle  and its operating principles.  and its operating principles. Reservation distribution channels Reservation distribution channels and methods of management.  and methods of management.  Key Concept: Web Clippings
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Unique Characteristics: Hotels Unique Characteristics: Hotels Information System Operations Products/Services Customer Status Legal Status e - guest status e - liability e - responsibility Financial Status e - credit creation e - house limit e - high risks -Perishability -Opportunity Cost -Production/Consumption -No recoverable value -Intangible -No lasting value Number of POS outlets e - equipment e - personnel e - maintenance e - centralization Internal Control e - document flow
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PRINT_FILE_Part_Two_Class_One__5__S2009 - Session...

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