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SOF - a Who was involved b What did the customer do c What...

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Service Management Service Event Observation Evaluation HB-105 Student Name Name of Business/Organization: Time/Date of Visit: Location: Type of Business/Organization: Retail Food Service Service Non-Profit Big Box Contract/Dormitory Auto Government Grocery Quick Service Finance Public Svc Department Store Family Dining Communications O ther Discount Fine Dining Utilities Independent Specialty/Kiosk Other Other Other 1. What was the customer’s reason for visiting the business? 2. Was the customer acknowledged in a professional, business-like manner? 3. Describe the service event you are documenting, in detail:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Who was involved? b. What did the customer do? c. What did the front-line employee(s) do? d. What was the manager’s reaction or role, (If applicable)? e. Rate the overall service experience: A B C D E 4. If you were the manager in this event, what service barriers did you observe, and what would be your action plan to remove them? 5. What are the customer-focused attributes of this business/organization? a. Positive b. Negative...
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