2-17 - ceremonies games gift giving incest taboo laws...

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I. Culture I. Culture is everything we think, do, and have as members of a society II. Culture shapes our personalities A. Iroquois, Italian and American Males (Iroquois can neither cry or laugh in public, Italians can do both, and Americans can just laugh) B. Crying C. Margaret Mead’s study of three societies 1. Arapesch—both sexes non-competitive and nurturing 2. Mundugumor—both sexes to be aggressive suspicious and hostile 3. Tchambuli—differentiated men and women’s traits III.Components of Culture A. Language 1. Sapir-Whorf-Lee Hypothesis B. Beliefs C. Values D. Goals E. Norms (Expectations) 1. Folkways-custom—they way of the folk 2. Mores- mooray -non written “laws” 3. Laws-written violation F. Sanctions IV. Material Culture
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V. Cultural Universals Athletics sports, attempts to influence weather, bodily adornments, calendars, cooking, courtship, dancing, dream interpretations, family, folklore, funeral
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Unformatted text preview: ceremonies, games, gift giving, incest taboo, laws, medicine, music numerals, personal names, property rights, religion, sexual restrictions, tool making. VI. Cultural Absolutes—Bongo Bongo Principle VII. Subcultures (different lifestyles than the culture as a whole) A. Ethnic Subcultures B. Occupational Subcultures C. Political Subcultures D. Deviant Subcultures E. Social Class Subcultures F. Countercultures VIII. Ethnocentrism—tend to look at something in terms of your own society IX. Cultural Shock—go into a society and your experience is completely different that what you thought it would be X. Cultural Relativism—you can’t judge something unless you judge it within the context of the society...
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2-17 - ceremonies games gift giving incest taboo laws...

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