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Study Guide 3 - The questions are...

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The questions are about: 1) What are the environmental problems facing North Africa/Southwest Asia (p. 191-193)? Drought, Salinization, deforestation, desertification 2) Which country has been famous for its cedar trees (p. 192)? Lebanon 3) In which country is the Aswan High Dam (p. 192 and Fig. 7.4)? Egypt 4) In which country is the "Great Man-made river" (p. 192 and Fig. 7.4)? Libya 5) What is a qanat (p. 192)? A way to get water from one place to another by tapping into ground water and has a series of sloping tunnels to get water there 6) Salinization (p. 192). The buildup of toxic salts in the soil, which doesn’t go away eventually making you move away 7) Which countries are in the Maghreb (p. 194)? Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia 8) Which countries are in the Levant (p. 194)? Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank 9) Which country is Analolia (p. 195)? Turkey 10) The majority of Egypt's 75 million people live within how many miles of the Nile river (p. 198)? 10 miles 11) What type of subsistence agriculture depends on the seasonal movement of livestock (p. 199-200)? Pastoral Nomadism—follow their animals and have a different place for each season 12) Exotic rivers (p. 201). Goes from a humid area so people can live in the desert. Nile, Tigris and Euphrates, Jordan 13) What is a kibbutz and in which country would it be located (p. 201)? Efficient farms irrigated by water from Jordan River, Israel 14) What is a medina and with which religion is it associated (p. 202)? Wall urban core in a city very center of the city. Islam
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Study Guide 3 - The questions are...

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