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Homo floresiensis- no chin , small brain Neadertalensis- occipital bun, large incisors, large nasal passages, heavy brow ridge About 30000 years BP Anatomically modern humans spread throughout old world Out of Africa Theory: AHMs evolved in Africa and disperse, replacing “archaic” HOMO SAPIENS. Multiregional Evolution (MRE): AMHs and earlier hominins exchange genes- there is no species replacement Test of recent hominin dispersal theories via genetic evidence Out of Africa predicts ancestor about 200,000 years bp
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Unformatted text preview: MRE predicts ancestor of at least 400,000 ybp Test via mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) “genetic clock” located in mitocondria Maternally inherited DNA Recent hominin dispersal: Bering Strait Oldowan- flakes, smashing and defleshing Acheulean- worked on 2 sides. Ex. Hand ax Mousterian- flaking more defined, core often flaked. Flakes sharpened as well, could be resharpened. Upper Paleolithic blade tools- eaten with, sharper, more of a range...
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