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HIST 100 [email protected] [email protected] 1/27/09 - Mapquest thingy due feb 5 - Herodotus weblink - Disscusion on herodutus The Mediteranean: Assyrians, Phonecians and Hebrews The Levan Decline of Power: - Egypt - Mesopotamia (akadian/ Sumerian) - Hittites Assyrians semedic language speaking ppl, polytheistic, used cuneiform, lead by single monarch and believed king was a direct servant of there gods, divine ruler Semedic Languages Hebrew and Arabic are the only ones spoken today Cuniform script symbols to rep. words or sylables Polytheistic Assur primary god for the Assyrians, associated with the sky/ warrior god belieed to have created humans, king most directly serves Ishtar assurs female companion/ consort, associated with fertility (plant and human fertility), goddess of sexuality and love Assyrains acted as conduit passed earlier cultures to new generations - king ashur bana paul built library and stocked it with ancient Mesopotamian text Lamassu winged bull (half bull/ half human shows power of the king) Relief sculpture sculpt by carving into flat surface (Mesopotamian) WAR Deportation and assimilation skilled workers: deport you from your city and were assimilated into Assyrian city and put 2 work Slave- possible that decendants would be free Furious and successful warriors, armed numbers in 100s and 1000s, archers and chariots Sege warfare, gurella warfare Go into town and destroy everything - very good at war Phoenicians - originated somewhere in Mesopotamia - migrated to eastern coast of mediteranean settled in modern day Lebanon - tyrie, sidon byblus major cities - skele - urban city develers—dense cities unlike the rest - each city had there own government - seafaring excellent sailors, traveled far, rowing (stayed close to the shore)
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- oligarchy - excellent merchants know how to trade and move goods - tentative sailing but get around all of the Mediterranean - spoke semedic language o developed an alphabet writing system o first alphabet (no vowels) greek (added vowels) roman English Hebrews: Old testament Palestine Moses and the Exodus Solomon built the temple The Temple Jerusalem most notable city Defeat of Assyrians and then Babylonians (replaced the Assyrians) Monotheistic Yahweh --desended into slavery to Egyptians --fled Egypt palestine 1/29/09 --hebrews developed/evolved into monethesim --Yahweh was there god --to be Hebrew you have to worship Yahweh and only Yahweh --humans have free will chose what you wanna worship ethical side – told you how to be good --religion determindes who you are --had to follow 10 commandments Persians: Indo European b/w india and Europe including them Persians absorb medes – master ate horse breeding Note: in Herodotus Persians= Medes Lydians Halicarnassus caucus mt. ppl traveled as far east as india and as far west as Europe o know this b/c the languages are related king cyrus expands north and absorbs the medes (good horseman o so could use the horses in battle
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Hist 100 notes - HIST 100 [email protected] [email protected]..

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