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Eng 201 notes - Eng 201 Grandmother Washes her Feet poem...

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1/27/09 Eng 201 Grandmother Washes her Feet poem Enjambed no punctuation Poet both critical of older gen and mocking herself for this criticism Goofy Movie: Developed as part of good neighbor policy - making fun of argentina o humorous/ wanna laugh - changing clothes seemed inferior 2 argentina - translate the words hear 2 languages - humor making fun of goofy IRONY -part makes fun of goofy -part makes fun of documentaries a lot of mockery is on goofy and N. America o respectful but excutissing argentina authentic moderns are NA sketchers, observers dancers, etc purity of argentina 1/29/09 Syncritism making cultures seem alike salutes amigos - cowboy/ gaucho - translation - clothing - movement thru space - bunny hug/dance comedy Similarities between US/Latin America - good neighbor policy - propaganda need to know the context of these (look w/ critical eye) tolerance being promoted and understanding looking/ looked at? US rep as modern in a funny way as opposed to more pure Water Pouring Song: Written by Aztec poet Would be a song and performed at a wedding Depressing sad
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and the waters are his… Culture Possibly Cortez? Blood Shed and water How they are being sacrificed -ghost song ritual Encommuindo system required to do some amount of labor - we came to a place that’s home bot it is different its paradise good but has a sadness - shift in 13 how he conquerors kills captain and hes taking blood - paradise being stained with blood and death - sing in order to call there power - subtle revenge 2/3/09 writingcenter.gmu.edu rob A 114 m-th 9:30-7:30 fri 9:30-2:30 water pouring song: the meeting of cortez and Montezuma is about 3-4 stanzas encomuindo system—basically slavery, the Spanish nobles were given encomuindo rights, force labor. Poet says we’re not doing this kind of water pouring (encomuindo) we’re going to do bloodshed, then it switches to Baptist water pouring. Water Pouring- labor, bloodshed, Baptist. The lou takes this and poetically expresses it Lou: Indians dressed as Aztecs and Spaniards meet. Obvious symbolisms America and Occident (western) Zeal and Religion (Spanish). Diff from WPS that had symbolism but not so straight forward The female characters in the play work as teachers and authority of religion of the play. (American and Religion) speak as the writer. Helps convince her point of view that women should be knowledgeable and they can be religious at the same time. The Divine narcissus—Romantic autosacramental turning Narcissus into Christ. The loa is before this. Religious syncretism: They basically say the Aztec religion is pagan/devils religion and Christianity is the truth. Sor Juana wants to prove that she is not tolerant of any of the other religions so she pursues this in her play. There are times when she seems sympathetic towards the Aztec religion. Both religions sacrifice is a big aspect.
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Eng 201 notes - Eng 201 Grandmother Washes her Feet poem...

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