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scan0005 - 7 A hen a protein is denatured why does it iose...

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Unformatted text preview: 7) A hen a protein is denatured, why does it iose its functionality? {Denaturation breaks the weak bonds, such as hydrogen bonds and Van der Waals I interactions, that hold the protein in its 3—dimensionai shape. Without the proper shape, the protein cannot function )2? Denaturation destroys the primary structure of the protein, and the protein breaks down to monomers “cg/Different amino acids are substituted into the sequence, so the protein‘s properties . change 1211/ The protein's pH changes, causing it to lose its functionality g/b and c are correct 8) Which type of protein shields a newly forming protein from cytoplasmic influences while it is folding into its ftmctional form? a Enzymes haperonins c Foldases d) Tertiary protein e) Renaturing protein 9) If one strand of a DNA molecule has the sequence of bases S'ATTGCAB', the other complementary strand would have the sequence 31TH} C (:T 5* 5'TAACGT3'. @3‘TAACGT5'. ie’) S‘UAACGUB‘. M3‘UAACGU5'. a) S'UGCAAUB' 10) Which of the following describes a difference between DNA and RNA? 3) RNA molecules consist of a single polynucleotide chain, whereas DNA molecules consist of two polynucleotide chains organized into a double helix. b) One of their nitrogenous bases is different. c) They contain different sugars. ,d- a and b only (@ a, b, and c are correct ll) Which of the following are nitrogenous bases of the purine type? 4 Cytosine and guanine F {39) uanine and adenine ,eb’ Adenine and thymine d/YThyrnine and uracil e) Uracil and cytosine ...
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