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scan0007 - 15 What is meant by the ”induced fit" of...

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Unformatted text preview: 15) What is meant by the ”induced fit" of an enzyme? 46 The substrate can be altered so that it is induced to fit into the enzyme's active site. ,b)" The enzyme structure is altered so that it can be induced to fit many different types of substrate(s). c) The presence of the substrate in solution induces the enzyme to slightly change its structure. (1) The shape of the active site is nearly perfect for specifically binding the enzyme's .. 9 substrate(s). .The enzyme changes its shape slightly as the substrate binds to it. 16) Zinc, an essential trace element for most organisms is present in the active site of the enzyme carboxypeptidase. The zinc most likely functions as a(n) a) competitive inhibitor of the enzyme. :4 b) noncompetitive inhibitor of the enzyme. 0 allosteric activator of the enzyme. (@ ofactor necessary for enzyme activity. e coenzyme derived from a vitamin x 17) Which of the following statements describes enzyme cooperativity? a) A multi-enzyme complex contains all the enzymesof a metabolic pathway. ,bYA product of a pathway serves as a competitive inhibitor of an early enzyme in the pathway. Q‘ substrate molecule bound to an active site affects the active site of several subunits. (3") ifferent kinds of substrate molecules can be catalyzed by the same enzyme. 39% substrate binds to an active site and inhibits cooperation between enzymes in a pathway. ' 18) As cell size increases, the volume and surface area decrease —§ volume increases faster than the surface area surface area increases faster than the volume ,d)’ surface area and volume increase at the same rate ,e)’ surface area decreases while the volume remains constant .19) The liver is involved in detoxification of many poisons and drugs. Which of the following structures is primarily involved in this process and therefore abundant in liver cells? a) Rough ER @smooth ER c) Golgi apparatus d) Nuclear envelope e) Transport vesicles ...
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