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scan0010 - Use the following figure to answer Which of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Use the following figure to answer question 26 26) Which of the following statements is FALSE about the above structure? It is the organelle of photosynthesis ) It is the organelle of cellular respiration c) It contains free ribosomes which are located in the matrix d) Its inner membrane has folds called cristae e) A cell may have one or thousands of such structures 27) Which of the following statements is INCORRECT? a) The DNA of a prokaryotic cell is located in the nucleoid x/ b) Peroxisomes produces H202 as a by-product and have the enzyme catalase, to breakdown the H202? \/ in ms» Ribosomal subunits are synthesized‘cytoplasm d) The smooth ER synthesizes lipids and stores calcium ions \/ e) The middle lamella is composed of pectins, and glues adjacent plant cells together \/ 28) _Which of the following is FALSE? 7&3 Microtubules are the smallest of the cytoskeletal fibers -) Chromosome movement during cell division is a function of microtubules \/ c) Ameoboid movement (as in pseudopodia), and muscle contraction are often a function of microfilaments v1 d) Microtubules are composed of the protein tubulin, while microfilaments are composed of actin / .« e) Intermediate filaments function in anchorage of nucleus and other organellesx/ 7 v 29) Ions can travel directly from the cytoplasm of one animal cell to the cytoplasm of an adjacent cell through aa’plasmodeSmata. A55 intermediate filaments. c) tight junctions. d) desmosomes. @gap junctions ...
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