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HIST 100: Western Civilization Reading Guide 2: Boccaccio, The Decameron Our next readings are set in late medieval Italy at the height of the Black Death of the 14 th century. Written by a Florentine named Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron tells the story of a group of young Italian men and women who have fled Florence for the safety of a country estate. After gathering outside of the city, the seven young women (Pampinea, Fiammetta, Filomena, Emilia, Lauretta, Neifile, and Elissa) and three young men (Panfilo, Filostrato, and Dioneo) decide to pass the time by selecting a new king or queen from among them each day to lead the others in a round of storytelling. The Decameron is thus organized around these stories as told over the course of ten days, with each day of stories dedicated to a different daily theme. Please read the following stories: Introduction and First Day : Read this first section which sets up the circumstances behind the round of storytelling and
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Unformatted text preview: introduces the first story (pp. 4-23) First Day Read the first story, “Ser Cepperello deceives a holy friar,” (pp. 24-37) Read the second story, “A Jew called Abraham,” (pp. 37-40) Read the third story, “Melchizedek the Jew,” (pp. 41-43) RELEVENT TO RELIGION Second Day Read the first story, “Martellino pretends to be paralyzed,” (pp. 70-75) Read the fourth story, “Landolfo Rufulo is ruined and turns to piracy,” (pp. 91-96) *Read the ninth story, “Bernabò of Genoa is tricked by Ambrogiuolo,” (pp. 165-178) CONDEMNS AN INNOCENT WOMAN? POSSIBLY USE Third Day *Read the first story, “Masetto of Lamporecchio,” (pp. 192-198) DESIRE AND LUST Fourth Day *Read the first story, “Tancredi, Prince of Salerno, kills his daughter’s lover,” (pgs. 291-301) COMPARE TO ROMEO AND JULIET Ninth Day Read the fourth story, “Cecco Fortarrigo gambles away everything,” (pp. 663-668)...
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