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short esssay - In most societies the murder of doughty...

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The incident of the death Doughty in Alex La Guma’s novel, A Walk in The Night has to do with Michael Adonis who has been shaped by the apartheid system in which he resides. Adonis has a suppressed knot of rage due to losing his job to a white man. He therefore lashes at the first white man to agitate him. The destruction of the innocent doughty across the color bar is acceptable in the environment of district six. This part of the novel is the story of a man, who, pushed to his limits, makes a careless decision and excuses it by referring to the immoral society that he calls home. The white man doughty is a rare exception in the predominately colored district six, Living in Michael Adonis’s apartment complex. Adonis a bit drunk and frustrated after losing his job, strolls into doughty’s apartment after being invited in to have a drink in his room. After a while of Doughty’s rambling, Adonis releases his suppressed rage and strikes the old man with a bottle inadvertently killing him.
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Unformatted text preview: In most societies, the murder of doughty would be entirely immoral. However, in the apartheid ridden district six immoralities is the only way to survive. Michael Adonis is able to excuse his actions because of his environment. It is the same as the murder of the innocent Willieboy by the police officer realty both murders are across the color bar yet are acceptable to raalt and Adonis because they are opposing some one from the opposite color. Adonis is able to excuse his actions because of his environment he is taught to have no compassion for any white individual, and feels that whites and coloreds should not coexist in the same world. He justifies his murder of doughty by convincing himself “he, (doughty) didn’t have no right living her with us Coloreds.” Adonis, corrupted by apartides evil influence, falls victim to the appealing lifestyle of the criminal; he is no better than the crooked world in which he lives....
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