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FInal informative speech outline - Ellee Lazarov Com Arts...

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Ellee Lazarov September 29, 2008 Com Arts 100 Instructor: Bill Whitney Informative speech Final outline The Secrets to Illegal Immigration General purpose: To inform Specific Purpose Statement: To inform the audience about the process of liberation of the Jews from concentration camps post World War II. Central Idea: How Jewish displaced persons after World War II traveled to Palestine illegally. Method of Organization: Topical Order Introduction I. (Gain attention and interest) Imagine you are a displaced person after World War II and all you want after going through World War II is to finally have a home again. The war has separated you from your family and has caused you to lose every materialistic and valued thing in your life. What should you do now? Yes, the war is over, but if the war is over why don’t you have any place to go? These were the questions of the holocaust survivors of World War II, What happened after the war is frequently over looked. II. (Reveal Topic) According to Arieh J. Kochavi, author of the book The Struggle against Jewish Immigration to Palestine , Palestine during 1945- 1948 was under British rule, and “due to the British political stance in Palestine only a certain number of displaced persons were legally aloud to immigrate to Palestine.” Therefore, the underground Israeli army called the Haganah along with America organized illegal immigration missions to liberate all the displaced people after the war. III. (Establish Credibility) It may seem like a complicated concept to grasp or even hard to picture, but really its just a continuation of a paragraph left out in the history books. It is easy to follow and I thought it
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was interesting that this part of history is overlooked by many, so I decided to research more in-depth. IV. (Preview body of speech) first ill explain more about the holocaust, then ill move into the political aspects during 1945 and the real struggle, liberation. (Transition:) as I mentioned in my introduction, a glimpse about the holocaust I will
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FInal informative speech outline - Ellee Lazarov Com Arts...

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