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I am finding this class very beneficial to my speaking skills. My public speaking skills have already improved from my first speech. For example, my first speech gave me some trouble in the beginning, and the delivery appeared very unnatural. Whereas, my second speech the informative speech was a more difficult assignment but I feel I was more familiar with the process. Therefore, the delivery of my speech improved a substantial amount. In Com Arts 100, we have done many activities that help me learn. For example, the class broke into four groups of three and the teacher passed out a word along with its correct definition. Firstly, Two people in each group make up two false definitions for
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Unformatted text preview: the word. Then, they write a fake introductory paragraph and conclusion trying to sell the false definition to the other groups. Furthermore, the third person in each group writes an introductory and a conclusion using the correct definition of the word. Lastly, Each group tries to guess which introduction and conclusion out of each group is the true description of the word and its true definition. An idea that I have that could improve this class deals mainly with more practice speeches. Practice speeches that are not necessarily for a grade would relax the speaker, and make him have more confidence for his actual speech....
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