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Ellee Lazarov Med gen I thought that it was amazing that this man could come speak about his son and educate all of us by sharing his personal life, which included many things that were not easy for him to go through. He really gave me a better understanding of Familial Dysautonomia. After hearing him talk about every thing he had done for his son, I would just hope my parents would have done the same for me. He did every thing he possiblycould to keep his son alive. Maybe, he was upset that this happened to him but he did not seem selfish at all. His life revolves around his son. One thing that bothered me a lot though was, that he really resented being Jewish. Yes, I know that he had a horrible situation with his son, but for me it
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Unformatted text preview: was appropriate to tell the class that we should all marry goyim. It probably did not faze many people at all but I have a strong upbringing that has thought me to marry a Jew and that other Jews should marry Jews. I just found it inappropriate and unnecessary for this comment from him. I do respect every thing he has gone through. Therefore, I understand the way he feels about this subject (being Jewish). It made me sad to hear that he felt he had little connection to being Jewish after it was all said and done. What I got from him was that the Jewish community could not help him through this; I wish the community had reached out to him and his family more maybe they would not feel this way....
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