EXAM1REVIEWSLIDES - CH.2:TheChemicalContextofLife

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CH.2: The Chemical Context of Life Identify the 4 elements that make up 90% of living matter Define trace elements Distinguish between each of the following terms: A. neutron and proton B. atomic number and mass number C. atomic weight and mass number o Understand how atomic number & mass number of an atom can be used to determine the number of neutrons o Understand how two isotopes of an element are similar and how they are different o Understand how electrons in the 1S shell have less potential energy than those in higher electron shells o o Understand why both strong covalent and weak bonds are essential in living matter o Distinguish between hydrogen bonds and van der Waals interactions o Understand how a molecule’s shape can determine its biological function o Understand what is meant by the term “chemical equilibrium”
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Understand the major properties of Water
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EXAM1REVIEWSLIDES - CH.2:TheChemicalContextofLife

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