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HW_11b - x at π 4 3 Use the limit function to evaluate the...

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Homework #11b: Symbolic 2 Reading: Handout Homework: This assignment will be done entirely in the MATLAB command window. Be sure to make clear your answers and give any explanation / additional work that is asked for. Turn problems in IN THE ORDER THEY ARE ASSIGNED. Each problem needs to be labeled so the TA can find your work. Complete the following problems: 1. Use the symsum function to evaluate the following summations: (a) n - 1 X k =0 k (b) X x =1 1 x 2 2. Use the taylor function to calculate the Taylor Series of cos( x ) to 8 terms about a = 0. Enter “format long” then evaluate the result for x = π/ 4. Compare this value to evaluating cos(
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Unformatted text preview: x ) at π/ 4. 3. Use the limit function to evaluate the following limit: lim h → ln( x + h )-ln( x ) h Describe what you just did. 4. Evaluate the following differentials: (a) df dx of f ( x ) = ln( x ) (b) df dx of f ( x ) = sin( x ) cos( x ) Give the simplest form of the answer. (c) ∂f ∂x of f ( x,y ) = x 2 y-y 3 + 2 x 2-3 x 3 y 4 (d) ∂f ∂y of f ( x,y ) = x 2 y-y 3 + 2 x 2-3 x 3 y 4 5. Evaluate the following integrals: (a) R x cos( x ) dx Verify this result by hand. (b) R e x sin( x ) dx (c) R 2 x ln( x ) dx (d) R 2 π sin( x ) cos( x ) dx...
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