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Angelo Ditri English 15 Rebuttal Paper Rough Draft 3/19/09 Colleges and Universities using American Indian Mascots may be wrong, but to me is certainly not racist. Perhaps in some instances some of the nicknames can be hurtful, but I think that a vote should be cast to determine this. In the case of the North Dakota fighting Sioux. I can see why the Sioux tribe would want this name removed from the university. For instance, if you do not know any better you would assume that the Sioux were a tribe that advocated fighting. If I were a Sioux tribe member I myself would not want the reputation of a mean or evil person. Who in the eye of the public would be presented as a heartless person, in search of fighting. It is certain instances at colleges like these where a vote among the tribe should be done and if voted against
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Unformatted text preview: should be removed. As for Florida State University and the nickname of the Seminoles, this was a part of the country where the Seminole tribe was very popular. Florida State is paying homage to these people and honoring them. In no way is the school being disrespectful, by having this mascot. If you were someone who never heard of an American Indian, and if you were to look at the Florida State Seminoles logo and nickname, you would not receive a negative perception from this. If the tribe itself sees no problem with keeping this name, and if the university honors the heritage of the Seminoles, I feel there is no reason to take any action on this matter. However, if it is decided that they are hurtful to the Native American Race, I feel they should be removed....
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