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RHETORICAL ANALYSIS: THE BASICS First and most important: Don't panic. You know how to do this - you just don't use Greek when you do it. If you've ever thought something like, "She said I was cool, but what did she really mean?" and then analyzed body language and tone of voice for clues, then you've done a rhetorical analysis. Sure, what I'm asking you to do for this class is somewhat more formal, but you already have the basic skills, whether you've had a rhetoric course or not. So how do you do a formal rhetorical analysis? First, describe your text. Assume your reader is unfamiliar with it. Give only relevant information. Don't get lost in unimportant details - this will distract your reader. Do make sure you're giving enough information for the reader to follow your analysis. Then, in the body of your essay, consider the questions I've written below. Be able to answer all of the boldface questions; it's up to you to decide on which area(s) to focus your analysis. Identify the types of appeals the author is using - how is the author trying to manipulate the audience and accomplish her or his goal? Although the Greek terms ethos, pathos and logos are conventionally used for this (definitions follow), you are welcome to use English terminology instead. Use your rhetorical analysis to help you understand how the text defines what an Indian is. In this context, understand the text's investment in this definition. Why would the ability to define an Indian matter to the author? For example, in the petition we analyzed
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Rhetorical Analysis The_Basics - 1 RHETORICAL ANALYSIS: THE...

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