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Angelo Ditri English 15 Summarize/Paraphrase 1/29/09 Summary In Alan Dershowitz’s essay “Why Fear National ID Cards?” he talks about having U.S citizens carrying an optional identity card. A card that would put a stop to terrorism, and racial or ethnic profiling. National identity cards offer the transaction of having a little less anonymity for a lot more security. These cards however face much questioning, such as what about identity cards leading to more disturbing measures? Also the subject of increased deportation of illegal immigrants? The most important question being the right to anonymity. We already carry ID cards for many activities. Even without a national card people are asked to show a form of identification. A national ID card would be beneficial to civil liberties, reducing the need for racial and ethnic profiling. National ID cards would do a very effective and efficient job of preventing terrorism and stereotyping millions of men. Paraphrase
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Summary Paraphrase - Angelo Ditri English 15...

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