Essay 1 - Throughout most of the Christian world in all of...

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and messages that make up the core of Christianity. The main message is clear, there is one God, and he is all powerful and all knowing. The bible is his word, and Jesus is his only son, who was put here to spread that word. The bible is the truth and offers about the way to salvation. Following this simple message, will bring about true happiness and lead you to eternal happiness in heaven with God. This is, in a nutshell the basic messages of Christianity. There are also a number of other things that are apart of this message. That God is one in the trinity, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the belief that Jesus died for the sins of each and every person in the world. The Christian message is clear cut and simple, Christianity can get deep and confusing at times, but this much is clear. If you follow this message and the Christian faith you will be brought to salvation into heaven with God. Potter’s House church located in Dallas, Texas is one of the biggest mega churches in the United States. With upwards of 50,000 members, it has become of the fastest growing churches in the nation. Only established in 1996, it is amazing at how fast this church has been able to grow. T.D Jakes the church’s pastor has grown famous as well in that short period of time. Well known for his very passionate sermons, Jakes is a very loud spoken leader for this mega church. The Potter House beliefs as stated in their belief and mission statements, do seem to coexistent with that of the Christian message. They to believe in one God, the creator of all things, one in the holy trinity. Also Jesus as his only son who is truly
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Essay 1 - Throughout most of the Christian world in all of...

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