Letter #2 - years on catholic schooling why am I only...

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Angelo Ditri RL ST 140 Letter #2 (Polk) 2/3/09 As you stated in your letter, providing biblical background is one of your areas of expertise. I can agree with that, I had no idea how many letters, books, and writings there were from people I have never even heard of. It was interesting to hear you say in class last week that you cannot say well Christianity is this because the bible says so. You said of course the bible says so, because if it didn’t say what it did it would have never made it their in the first place. This was very fascinating news to me, I must have not been too aware of what was going in my religion classes when I was younger, because it was the first time I ever heard of this. It made me even question the bible a little bit, in a way I kind of felt betrayed. Almost as if I had been lied to, there is so many other works out there besides the bible. Why do they never come up, and why after 12
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Unformatted text preview: years on catholic schooling, why am I only hearing about this now? It made me step back and reevaluate things for a minute. My opinion on how you and Dr.Seesholtz interact in the classroom is that I think you do compliment each other very well. You two have said many of times; you do not share some of the same thoughts or interests. But you do also agree from time to time. I think having the both of you teaching at the same time is such a change from the norm, and a refreshing way of learning. I enjoy how you both feed off of what the other one might say, and then add something to it. You both also encourage all of us to throw our opinions into the mix. It is a style that I enjoy and something that I feel I am going to learn a great deal from throughout the semester....
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Letter #2 - years on catholic schooling why am I only...

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