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Angelo Ditri AM ST/RL ST 140 Letter #10 Polk 4/7/09 Talking about evangelicals and fundamentalism, there are many differences between them, but the one thing that they is have in common is hermeneutics. This helps them search, find, and interpret the exact message they are trying to get across. In my opinion I think when it comes to Creationist and Intelligent Design people; I believe that their skepticism for scientific theory came way before their desire to defend a literal reading. Like you, I also think it makes a world of a difference; I might not be exactly right about the subject. But I believe that they were more skeptic with science then they were eager to defend religious readings. I personally believe that they first
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Unformatted text preview: posed questions about certain theories, and also were able to find literature in religious texts, that agreed with their thinking. But again as before, who are we to say what can be read as literal, and what has a deeper meaning. Again we are only human, and I dont necessarily agree with people when they interpret bible readings literally. This is something that is not for us to decide, but people chose to anyway. But if it helps them sleep at night, and justify their religion and their beliefs, then thats fine by me. I dont think however they should try to force their beliefs upon others and judging them. Something that I feel a number of different groups do fairly to much....
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