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ARGUMENT PEER COMMENT SHEET WRITER'S NAME_______________________________________ PAPER'S TITLE________________________________________ EDITOR'S NAME_______________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS TO EDITOR: Many students feel uncomfortable criticizing another person’s paper. You may feel inadequate, or you may feel that you will hurt the writer’s feelings. In the first place, you are perfectly adequate to critique another’s paper. You are, after all, a reader. As such, you can just share your reaction to the paper you are reading. Point out where you become confused, explaining why. Then make suggestions for improvements that will make the paper clearer to you. Secondly, where you don’t wish to hurt the writer’s feelings, remember that what they want the most out of this paper is a good grade. Therefore, the more thoughtful suggestions you make, the higher the possibility of them receiving a good grade. 1. Look at proposal Argument writing as the opportunity to ask someone to change something, or provide an alternative to something that already exists, or as a forum to
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