ISB202 Syllabus SPRING 2009

ISB202 Syllabus SPRING 2009 - ISB202 Spring Semester 2009...

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ISB202 Spring Semester 2009 Section 001 Applied Environmental and Organismal Biology Instructor : Taylor J. Johnston, Professor, Crop and Soil Sciences Office: Phone: 355-0271 x 164 E-mail: [email protected] Office hours : By appointment . Also, I will respond to short questions by e-mail as quickly as possible. TA: Brad Love E-mail: [email protected] PURPOSE OF THE COURSE : To explore the diversity of life in order to have a better understanding of the similarities and differences among organisms, to appreciate the role biology plays in our daily lives, and to understand the roles of humans and other organisms in ecosystems. TEXT : " Selected readings from Biology Today and Tomorrow , Second Edition, by C. Starr EXAMS : There will be four multiple-choice question exams. Each question will be worth 2 points. Make- up exams will normally not be given . If an exam is missed you will receive zero points for that exam unless you have a dated doctor's note, or other acceptable reason as to why you could not come to the exam. If you have an approved reason , you may take an essay make-up exam. All make-up exams are in essay format. . (Note: oversleeping is NOT an acceptable reason.) *** NOTE: Please arrive on time for all exams !!!! Anyone arriving late will be given an essay exam!!!! WEB NOTES: Shortly after each lecture topic is completed I plan to post lecture notes on the web. The notes are at the following web address: The web notes will also be posted on Angel. These notes are available to assist you in learning and should NOT replace class attendance. (If class attendance suffers inordinately, I will likely discontinue posting the web notes.) MISCELLANEOUS: -- The lecture is one hour and twenty minutes. (Rather than taking a break, I will usually opt to dismiss you a few minutes early.)
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2009 for the course ISB 202 taught by Professor Johnson during the Spring '08 term at Michigan State University.

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ISB202 Syllabus SPRING 2009 - ISB202 Spring Semester 2009...

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