020509 - PLIR 365 I Yellow light pieces A Is this a war...

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02/05/09 PLIR 365 I. Yellow light pieces A. Is this a war that we should actively try to prevent? i. Many in the state department wanted Johnson to tell Israel to not start the war ii. This was about 10 years after Suez, where Israel had started the war. Israel also wanted the Americans to understand and not oppose, unlike at Suez. B. Didn’t want to do unilateral American effort to open the strait C. Johnson never tells Israel to go to war, but he doesn’t give them the red light. II. Aftermath of Suez A. Super power dimension is always important B. Inter-Arab politics becomes super complex i. Those not allied with Nasser feel very threatened- King of Jordan ii. Some didn’t like the socialism aspect of Nasserism iii. Iraq switches camp in 1958 with a revolution. The new leader left the Baghdad Pact C. United Arab Republic- Egypt and Syria i. Only Arab unity ii. Syrians didn’t like being bossed around by Egyptians, who didn’t really know their country iii. Nasser blamed the breakup on reactionary elements in the Arab world- before unity there needs to be a revolution throughout the Arab world D. Yemen civil war i. North Yemen was under a very traditional, monarchical regime and the army overthrew the monarchy and declared a republic ii. Turn to Egypt to for help and the monarch turns to Saudi Arabia for help. Becomes a mini Arab civil war. iii. US recognized this republic to show that they had an openness toward nationalism III. JFK Years (1961-63) A. New ideas about how the US should deal with newly independent countries i. As a Senator he supported Algerian independence B. Concerned with nuclear proliferation i. A handful of states had them and he didn’t want more to have them
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020509 - PLIR 365 I Yellow light pieces A Is this a war...

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