012209 - PLIR 365 I Current Happenings A Obama i First four...

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01/22/09 PLIR 365 I. Current Happenings A. Obama i. First four phone calls where to leaders of the Middle East- PM of Israel, Pres of Egypt, King of Jordan, Pres of Palestinian authority 1. Called Pres of Palestine first which is symbolically important 2. Didn’t call the King of Saudi Arabia because he wanted to focus on the Arab-Israeli conflict 3. Said within his first 100 days he will visit a Muslim capital and give a major speech ii. Began to think about the Iraq withdraw 1. Wants to have them out within 16 months, end of 2011 iii. Inaugural speech 1. Going to be judged by your people based on what you create, not what you destroy 2. Deal with the Muslim world based on mutual interest and mutual respect- picked up in the Muslim world B. Middle East Envoy i. George Mitchell- former senator from Maine and very even- headed ii. Was raised as a Lebanese Marionite iii. Clinton’s envoy to Northern Ireland and it succeeded iv. Has written reports on Middle East issues II. Lustik- Why there are no major powers in the Middle East A. In the European past one of the small states expanded their territory through wars, alliances, etc. B. When the Middle East got to this point, there were great European powers that prevented them from building states as it has been done for centuries III. Negotiations
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012209 - PLIR 365 I Current Happenings A Obama i First four...

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