012709 - PLIR 365 I Brown Eastern Question A Region has...

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01/27/09 PLIR 365 I. Brown- Eastern Question A. Region has many different actors, no one dominates. Calls it the most penetrated region in world and were heavily influenced by external powers. i. Leads to instrumental kinds of alliances- don’t ally with people who share their ideology. ii. Switch which person they have relationships with. B. Tendency to “quick grab” and wars don’t last that long. Exception: Iran- Iraq 8-year war. Tactics win out over strategy C. Parties make little issues into large issues, especially territory disputes. Small issues have been turned into tests of will. II. Current Happenings A. George Mitchell is leaving for his first trip to the Middle East i. Has strong presidential endorsement- important for people in the region to hear that he has presidential support ii. Some say that he’s too even-headed and calm B. Obama spoke to an Arab news network (al a bia). i. Broadcast out of Dubai ii. Talked about improving relations with the Muslim world C. Iraqi Provincial Elections on Saturday i. We can see where the center of gravity is politically moving in the new Iraq ii. Last time people voted along sectarian divisions, etc. iii. Interesting to see which of the multiple Shi’a parties will emerge victorious III. Palestinian Mandate A. Changes in the 1930s i. Rise of the Nazi Party in Germany- Jews were getting pretty nervous and large number wanted to go to Palestine ii. Rapid rise in immigration and Palestinians began to react at a grassroots level 1. People saw that their land was being taken and they were
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012709 - PLIR 365 I Brown Eastern Question A Region has...

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