020309 - 02/02/09 PLCP 321 I. Current happenings A....

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02/02/09 PLCP 321 I. Current happenings A. Provisional elections in Iraq i. Relates to the US feeling comfortable leaving fairly soon ii. Results not yet in- early reports show that the elections were carried out pretty smoothly and there was little violence 1. Current Prime Minister and the Dawa party did well 2. Participation was a little less than the elections in 2005 3. Tribal candidates didn’t do as well as they hoped, which might create some complicated violence iii. Candidates identified themselves less as sectarian factions, but as Iraqis iv. National elections at the end of this year B. Israeli election in a couple weeks i. Four parties are likely to do moderately well- Likud, Kadima, Israel is our home Party (Yisrael Beiteinu), Labor ii. Many Israelis feel that the Gaza incident didn’t end as neatly as it should have II. Themes in the 1950s A. Inter-Arab Contest i. After the imperial powers pulled out of the Middle East, different Arab countries tried to assert primacy over the region ii. Largely non-violent, more political iii. Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia B. Arab-Israeli Conflict i. Frozen conflict with no immediate possibility of breakthrough ii. First-round was inconclusive for both sides and everyone anticipated that there would be another round iii. Egypt also at the center of this conflict iv. Ben Gurion and Moshe Sharett (Hawk vs. Dove) 1. New Prime Minister that the US tries to start peace talks with C. New global conflict- US vs. USSR i. Middle East unsure of with whom they will align
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020309 - 02/02/09 PLCP 321 I. Current happenings A....

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