021909 - 02/19/09 PLIR 365 I. Many levels of negotiations...

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PLIR 365 I. Many levels of negotiations A. Each country had different wants i. How much is territory is Israel ready to give up for peace? 1. Between Egypt, it would have to give up the entire Sinai Peninsula 2. Israel wanted normal relations with its neighbor- including trade, diplomats, etc. ii. How much could Sadat get for the Palestinians? 1. If he just got his territory back, the entire Arab world would be mad at him 2. If he got something for the Palestinians, it would look like he was negotiating for the broader Arab world B. Each political leader always had to think about what the public would support? i. Israel and Egypt had been to war multiple times so peace would be controversial ii. Can’t be seen as giving away too much and getting too little iii. Sadat began to be seen by the Israelis in a positive light. Arabs thought that by negotiating with Israel gave Israel a form of legitimacy C. Needed to maintain relationship with the United States i. Israel needed the US 1. US is the only country that is giving Israel strong support economically, politically, militarily 2. Hopefully could strengthen it ii. Egypt wanted to gain stronger relations with the US. 1. Sadat had concluded that the Soviet Union couldn’t be counted on 2. America holds the key to want he wants II. Ford Presidency (August 1974- January 1977) A. Kissinger will stay on as his Secretary of State i. Has many relations with many different countries, and they see him as competent ii. Replaced as National Security Advisor- he gets along with him B. Sinai II (September 1975) i. Addresses Sadat’s desire to have some demonstration of continued progress. He was getting impatient. ii. Israel has a new president- Rabin. Military man who knew Kissinger iii. Israelis begin to think that they constantly have to make concessions. In return they won’t get the peace they really want. 1.
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021909 - 02/19/09 PLIR 365 I. Many levels of negotiations...

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