031709 - PLIR 365 1980s I Big Picture A Invasion of...

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03/17/09 PLIR 365 1980s I. Big Picture A. Invasion of Afghanistan B. Iranian Revolution i. Foreign policy is changing quite rapidly ii. Where in the Cold War system will it end up? C. Several very ambitious political projects i. Strong leaders think they can transform things to balance in their favor ii. A LOT of military action iii. Don’t really know what Sharon planned to do with the invasion of Lebanon… get the military PLO out of Lebanon, but Hezbollah comes and is even more violent D. Basic geography of the region remains unchanged E. Cold War briefly comes back in vogue i. The end of the 1980s sees changes in this relationship ii. Conceivable that the two powers would join together on issues in the Middle East II. Iran-Iraq War (1980-88) A. Set out to seize the oil producing regions in the Arab populated regions of Iran i. Would have become the de facto hegemon of the region ii. Could have intimidated Kuwait and Saudi Arabia B. Falsely thought that the US and USSR wouldn’t mind i. US might even wish him well ii. Iran didn’t have good relations with either superpower C. Hard to change the fundamentals of another country with military action
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031709 - PLIR 365 1980s I Big Picture A Invasion of...

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