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04/07/09 PLIR 365 Presidents and the Middle East o Hard region for new presidents to get their arms around Arab countries have time to prepare for the new president Have a past of dealing with America as the most powerful country in the region and know how to push buttons o Eisenhower Came after the formation of Israel and the start of the refugee problem o Carter oversaw the peace between Israel and Egypt, which split the rest of the Arab world Though he had a framework for the Palestinian conflict Wrong o Bush (I) was very skillful in the way he organized the Western and Arab
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Unformatted text preview: world in the Kuwait conflict • How Clinton was also looking at other problems in the Middle East o Iraq Came into office after George Bush had led a very successful campaign against Iraq Clinton wanted to do something to distinguish himself from Bush and didn’t want to continue Bush’s war Worried about getting jammed on issues o Dual containment= failure o March 1995, CIA started a war that the rest of the government didn’t back. A few months later Saddam moved troops into Kurdistan and killed a lot of people...
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