011509 - suicide rate are very deep and lasting in Russia...

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Thursday 1/22 Pipes 1-84, Hill 26-56 Tuesday 1/27 Pipes 85-190 Thursday 1/29 Poe, Wesson 3-34, Vernadsky 173-193 Take home essay in mid-April Midterm 1 Feb 26 Midterm 2 March 26 Integrate readings! Vladimir Zhirinovsky- head of the LDPR Said he would get Alaska back from the US since Russia never sold it Igor Panarin- professor, head of Russian Foreign Service Thinks that the US will break into 6 parts by mid 2010 Most Russians know he’s a tool BUT he gets airtime on TV and some of his views resonate All factors of social pathology (short life expectancy, high death rate, low birth rate, high
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Unformatted text preview: suicide rate) are very deep and lasting in Russia. Present in other post-Communist countries, but not as deep. Hard to be pro-Western in Russia without being perceived as anti-Russian. Roy Medvedev- historian in the 1970s Wrote a book “Let History Judge” about the crimes of Stalin Characterized the 1990s with collapse and chaos Under Putin, Russia has had its best government ever Economy grew ~7% year under his presidency and had recovered to 1990 GDP Standards of living dramatically improved First time a large part of the population felt they were living in comfort There are many problems...
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