012709 - 01/27/09 PLCP 321 1. Impact of the economic...

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01/27/09 PLCP 321 1. Impact of the economic geography- Milov a. Short growing season- 3 or 4 months with very long days. 100 working days to produce food for humans i. Intense, collective efforts in Russian growing time ii. Individualism is very inappropriate for a society that lives at sustenance level, like Russia. 1. If people were allowed to do what they wanted, there would be less labor power, which would have disastrous results. 2. Struggle for survival was extreme, even in Western Europe. In the 1700s France had 18 famine years iii. Peasants lived on the Mir which means both peace and world. Until the 20 th century it was the world for many Russian peasants. 1. Village commune ran the Mir and decided who would get what land. Looked very random, but it was done to maximize productivity 2. Needed to produce the survival minimum of the commune. Periodic reassignments to help the survival of the commune. iv. Russian peasants had to work twice as hard as medieval European peasants. Little or no grain surplus, meant little or no urban and commercial development. Animals were smaller. In England they would get 5.7 kilos of feed per day, in Russia only 2.7 v. All of this influenced the patrimonial system of politics. Needed to focus on extraction from the land to sustain the army and the luxurious lifestyle of the ruling class. 1. Serfdom developed from this. As Russia becomes more powerful, the state’s grip on the people increases. b. Soviet use of slave labor in order to develop the raw materials in the far north and Siberian regions i. NKVD was responsible for administering the slave labor camps’ production. These regions would not have been developed in a
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012709 - 01/27/09 PLCP 321 1. Impact of the economic...

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