012909 - 01/29/09 PLCP 321 Davos o Conference where many...

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01/29/09 PLCP 321 Davos o Conference where many global economic powers meet. o Putin attended for the first time this year and gave an interesting speech Previously talked about how current economic troubles were the US’s fault Said that Russia was deeply effected by global economic crisis Statism was not a solution Free market wasn’t either Different than the Great Depression- it is broader, not deeper Question is now how do different states work together to try and solve this crisis Too much government involvement can be dangerous Wished the Obama administration well with a veiled invitation to collaborate Russia can’t isolate themselves from the global market o Showed that he has a sober view of his country’s financial prospects and need to cooperate with other countries o Economic Situation- Grew 6-7% post- 1999 but this year may shrink 3-4% because of the economic crisis and the lower cost of oil Russia is very dependent on components of the economy that have been hit very heavily by the crisis, like oil, timber, steel, etc. Does have the third largest reserve of foreign currency in the world, $400-450 billion, and there is a large stabilization fund If the situation continues indefinitely they are in big trouble Church o Peter the Great makes it a department of the state o Catherine the Great extends even more control over the Church o Simfonia- Church and State each have their place and work together. Essentially obliterated by Peter
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012909 - 01/29/09 PLCP 321 Davos o Conference where many...

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