020309 - PLCP 321 Iron law of sociology entities that are...

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02/03/09 PLCP 321 Iron law of sociology- entities that are in competition, tend to resemble each other o Soviet foreign policy ending up looking a lot like pre-Soviet diplomatic institutions o If Muscovite Russia was to survive, it needed to look like pre-modern European states Wesson- The Russian Dilemma o Vast multinational, imperial state As it succeeds, it becomes less and less Russian 1897 Census- Russians were at most 47% of the population, more like 40% o Basic tension with the Western world continues Japan modernizes in the late 1800s and beats Russia in 1904 war Longest international conflict/ tension was with Britain British were concerned with the security of British India and they wanted Afghanistan as a buffer zone Two large empires met in Central Asia o Had to deal with many different ethnicities and religions Georgian and Armenian Christians Polish Catholics- divided between Russia, Prussia, and Austria Central Asian Muslims Assari people were divided between Russia and Persia o How do you maintain the vast multinational empire under the following conditions… Constant international political competition with powerful Western states Challenging a conservative, traditionalist political system to reform How do you reform while also keeping the political system stable at home? Modernization in Western Europe was driven by society, not the state Implies a degree of decentralization which is dangerous because the empire would start to break up Challenge to the claims of Patrimonialism Decentralization implies devolution of power from the Russian core to a no-Russian periphery- many Russian reformers don’t want Russians to loose power Gorbachev is the only Russian ruler who embraced decentralization in this manner. Soviet Union collapsed into
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15 republics based on ethnicity and language Russia that emerged is about 80% ethnically Russian China has a similar make- up Patterns of Reform- Reaction o Typically spurred on by defeat in war or the prospect of defeat. Victory reinforces the status quo. Victory over Napoleon in 1812-1815
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020309 - PLCP 321 Iron law of sociology entities that are...

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