021009 - 02/10/09 PLCP 321 Timeline o 11/17- Bolsheviks...

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02/10/09 PLCP 321 Timeline o 11/17- Bolsheviks seize power o 12/17- Armistice with Germany. Cuts off much of Russia’s European territory o 12/17- Constituent Assembly elected and dismissed the same night. End of Parliamentary government in Russia until the late Gorbachev era o 3/18- Brest-Litovsk Treaty o 7/18- Murder of German Ambassador in a plot instigated by left-wing SRs. Wanted to provoke a new stage in the war with Germany. o 8/30/18- Attempted Murder of Lenin by another left-wing SR o 1918-1920 Civil War Red Terror starts after August Summer/ fall 1918- Czech Legion in control of much of Siberia War Communism- adopted under emergency conditions and some parts represented deeper preferences of the communist leadership o War Communism o Policies Nationalized all businesses with as few as 5-10 people Forced requisition of grain, buying it for far less that it was worth Free trade was banned Conscripted labor was heavily used Party started to develop as a parallel authority alongside the actual government o No serious effort as collectivization yet o There was some private property and free trade under extremely restricted circumstances Farmers could keep a small plot of private land BUT they could not pass it on to their children Could trade their veggies in small free markets BUT they had to transport it themselves o Was implemented in part because of the strain of Civil War o A lot of these policies would pop up in the Stalin era as permanent policy o Many of the same people continued to run businesses because there were not enough Bolshevik experts that were necessary to run many Russian industries 1921 Crisis o Country lay in ruins o Many different revolts Peasants- in Tambov they raised an army of 20,000 armed peasants Kronstadt Rebellion in the Gulf of Finland
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Conflicts within the Party o Bolsheviks had won, but the country was in big trouble and even less likely to become a Socialist Paradise Dehumanization of life HUGE losses- twice as many as US o 10 th
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021009 - 02/10/09 PLCP 321 Timeline o 11/17- Bolsheviks...

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