021209 - 02/12/09 PLCP 321 Part-State o State is captured...

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02/12/09 PLCP 321 Part-State o State is captured by a political party and mobilized on behalf of socialism and revolutionary transformation of society from above (totalitarianism) o Party Structure (Top down) Politburo (Presidium in the 50s/60s) Leading body that makes policy Typical between 10-15 communist party leaders that have ultimate responsibility for determining policy and making sure it is carried out Lenin= Chair, Stalin, Trotsky, etc. Central Committee of the Communist Party Party Congress Supposed to elect the central Committee Supposed to be elected by all party members in the country “Administrative bodies” within the Party but in effect have a lot to do with policy and rise of Stalin Secretariat- concerned with managing paper flow and setting the agenda for the Politburo o Supposed to be subordinate to the Politburo but it had a lot of power o Stalin= head Organizational Bureau- responsible for all personal matters within the Communist party o Who could stand for candidate, who could get in the party, etc. o Stalin= head (only person was a member of all of these bureaus) Organized in branches that supervise corresponding branches of the government. Lenin meant it to be a bottom up system, but this didn’t happen o “Government”/ Bureaucratic Structure (Top down) Council of People’s Commissars Basically a council of ministers, state secretaries, the Cabinet Responsible for border control, internal security, management of the economy, all normal functions of
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021209 - 02/12/09 PLCP 321 Part-State o State is captured...

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