021709 - 02/17/09 PLCP 321 In class exam- one essay...

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02/17/09 PLCP 321 In class exam- one essay question. Open book and open note- emphasis is on the quality of analysis and argument. Use evidence to support the argument. 75 minutes of writing time so try and build up your own building blocks of interpretation. Key turning points, identify key case studies. Explain how the evidence relates to general arguments!!! Questions will be general enough so that you have leeway. Be able to identify key thesis and ideas and generalization that Pipes and Poe tell us about the nature of Russian politics. How effective was Soviet foreign policy during a specific time period? Review o Nominally democratic, but in practice run from the top down. Every department in the government is mirrored in the Party and the Party runs the government. o Elements of totalitarianism were laid out during this time period o Gosplan would have 99+% of the economy under its control o Communist party was a unitary organization and claimed the jurisdiction of all of the Russian Empire. But the governmental structure was federal and the USSR was divided into union republics based along ethnic lines. Lenin’s reservations about the Soviet system o 1922-23 Lenin was concerned about the bureaucracy Felt that policy decisions were not properly carried out by the bureaucracy, which was at this time, most non-Communist Bolsheviks felt that they were surrounded by enemies, which led to the strength of the Cheka Began to come to terms with this- instead of spontaneous socialism, he finds there was a huge contradiction between Russia’s current situation and what socialism was supposed to be Need the slow healing of Russian society due to the shock of Civil War. Also need to improve the culture with higher levels of literacy and training. Existence of bureaucracy wasn’t the only problem. o
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021709 - 02/17/09 PLCP 321 In class exam- one essay...

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