021909 - 02/19/09 PLCP 321 Stalinism o Von Laue- Western...

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02/19/09 PLCP 321 Stalinism o Von Laue- Western world makes a mistake in seeing Stalinism as an inherently Russian political system Never justified the system because of the building of socialism Showed how it was necessary in order to defend the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany Again, similar to Poe. Russia’s political systems have been reactions to the challenges impose by more advanced European countries Response to a hostile Western world Stalinism is best understood not as the attempt to create a socialist utopia, but as a response to the challenges Western Europe posed to the USSR, which was not as advanced. Response to Western imperialism In effect he was saying, the institutionalization of mass terror, collectivization, the millions of dead, destruction of the productive foundation of Soviet agriculture was justified by the WWII victory. The Soviet Union built up enough military power to defeat Nazi Germany. 1931- Stalin stated that Russia has been beaten for centuries by everyone and this needs to change. Russia is still an agricultural society in a world where the most industrial countries are the most powerful. Catch up or die We have ten years to catch up in a process that took 100 years to develop in the rest of Europe Rehabilitated many old Russian heroes like Aleksandr Nevskii because he had beaten an invading German army. After the war started he even allowed the Orthodox Church to open up a bit Addressed the Russian people as brothers and sisters after WWII. Needed to reach as deeply and broadly as he could to mobilize the population to fight against the Germans. Patriotism would do this while socialism could not. o Program of rapid industrialization at the expense of the peasantry began in 1927 One of the most peaceful years of the 20 th century Germany was still democratic British and French were still exhausted from the war Stabilization and prosperity of European finances No plausible threats to Soviet territorial interests Crafting of the five year plans actually began during a very
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peaceful period Stalin claimed that there was a war threat of the British and Polish alliance Completely made up to justify the plans After 1931 (Japanese invaded Manchuria) the five year plans
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021909 - 02/19/09 PLCP 321 Stalinism o Von Laue- Western...

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