022409 - 02/24/09 PLCP 321 Attributes/ conditions of...

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02/24/09 PLCP 321 Attributes/ conditions of Stalinism o Mass terror 1937-8 purged the armed forces More than 1,000 senior officers (generals and admirals) had been convicted of treason and executed (90%!!!) Testified to the increasing manic nature of Stalin’s terror Controlled the terror enough to bring it to an end Country was so fearful that it became a pathological plague o Sealed borders Designed to structure the expectations of the citizenry Didn’t want them to see how well off the West was o Extensive economics Grow mainly by increasing the quantitative amount of inputs into the economic process New land tilled, new coal mines, tap into the peasant population to create the urban working class Growth primarily driven by bring new factors of production into the system Compared to intensive economics. Invest intensively- make workforce more highly skilled, increase crop production by making better use of the soil Certain correspondence between extensive economic growth and the Stalinist system that helps explain the successes of the Soviet Union Able to defeat the Nazis and recover from WWII Economics of recovery tended to use extensive economic growth. Good at churning out lots of tanks, rockets, military equipment. Was a military industrial complex. A highly centralized state was able to direct society’s energies to a few, high priority tasks, which enabled them to succeed in those areas. Ex: Sputnik . Poured resources into one area to achieve something great and unexpected. But have to look at the opportunity cost- society’s consumption. Ex: Atomic bomb made 1949, years before the US
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022409 - 02/24/09 PLCP 321 Attributes/ conditions of...

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